W R & S

Central Edinburgh

Postcard by W R & S  - St Giles' Tower  -  Watercolour by IMC

St Giles' Tower

Postcard by W &S  -  Calton Hill  -  posted 1904

Calton Hill

Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh Castle  -  Watercolour by IMC

Edinburgh Castle

Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket, 1837

Edinburgh Castle
from Grassmarket

Postcard by W R & S  -  The Royal State Procession, 13th May 1903, leaving Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade
Royal State Procession - 1903

Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh from the Crags  -  Watercolour by James Douglas

Edinburgh from the Crags

W R and S Postcard  -  Edinburgh University and South Bridge  -  Posted 1923

Edinburgh University

Postcard by W R & S  - Pld Edinburgh, High School Wynd in 1837

High School Wynd

W R & S Postcard  -  Holyrood Park  -  Children's Knox Demonstration, Blue Platform

Holyrood Park

Knox Demonstration

King's Theatre, Tollcross, Edinburgh

King's Theatre

Postcard by W R & S  - Princes Street in 1827

Princes Street

Postcard by WR&S  -  Princes Street, looking east  -  Posted 1905

Princes Street

Postcard published by WR&S  -  Princes Street and Sinclair Fountain from the West End

Princes Street

St Giles Cathedral  -  A postcard in the W R & S 'Reliable' series

St Giles Cathedral




W R & S Postcard  -  Corstorphine, Saint John's Road, looking west




W R & S Postcard  -  Duddingston Church Gateway

Duddingston Church Gateway




Leith Docks Entrance

Detail from a Post Card  -  Entrance to Leith Docks  -  Posted 1903

Leith Docks Entrance - Detail

Post Card  -  Entrance to Leith Docks  -  Card not posted

Leith Docks Entrance

W R & S Reliable Series postcard  -  The Foot of Leith Walk

Foot of Leith Walk

W R & S Series postcard  -   Foot of Leith Walk

Foot of Leith Walk - detail

The Shore  -  Leith

Leith - The Shore



 W R and S Postcard  -  Bruntsfield, Warrender Park Road  -  Possted 1906

Warrender Park Road

W R and S Postcard  -  Bruntsfield, Warrender Park Road

Warrender Park Road



Newhaven New Street  -  Post card by Relaible

Newhaven New Lane

0_around_edinburgh_-_newhaven_new_lane_reliable_mono.jpg (35634 bytes)

Newhaven New Lane

  0_around_edinburgh_-_newhaven_new_lane_reliable_mono.jpg (35634 bytes)

  0_around_edinburgh_-_newhaven_new_lane_reliable_mono.jpg (35634 bytes)

Newhaven Harbour



Postcard by W &S  -  The Baths, Portobello  -  Posted 1905

Portobello Baths



WR&S Postcard  -  Fettes College  -  posted 1907

Fettes College

WR&S Postcard  -  George Watson's College  -  posted 1907

George Watson's College

Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh Hospital from Greyfriars, Edinburgh

Heriots' Hospital
from Greyfriars


Around Edinburgh

Bandstand in Dunfermline Public Park  -  WR&S Reliable Series Postcard, posted 1909

Dunfermline Bandstand

WR&S Postcard  -  posted 1918  -  Joppa from the Beach

Joppa from the Beach

WR&S Postcard  -  Musselburgh High Street  -  Card posted 1905

Hopetoun House

W R & S Postcard  -  The Forth Bridge fromQueensgerry

Forth Bridge

Post Card  -  International Exhibition 1908  -  WR&S Reliable Service

1908 Exhibition



A selection of

 Backs of W R & S Postcards

W R & S Postcard  -  Undivided Back  -  posted 1902-04

Posted 1902-04

W R & S Postcard  -  Single line with very small shield  -  most posted 1904-08

Posted 1904-08

W R & S Postcard  - double line with small shiled at top  -   posted 1905

Posted 1905

W R & S Postcard  - scroll division with shield  -   posted 1908-10

Posted 1908-10

W R & S Postcard  -single line with large shield  -   posted 1915-28

Posted 1915-28


W R & S

Publishers of the 'Reliable' series of postcards


I have seen more postcards of Edinburgh published by  W R & S than by any other publisher, with the exception of Valentine of Dundee.

Larger Photos

There are also some W R & S photographs of Edinburgh, probably from the early 20th century.  These photos are approx 8 x 10 in.
[Sharon Stobie, Winnipeg]

Did W R & S, like James Valentine and George Washington Wilson, perhaps sell such photos individually and mounted into albums, perhaps in the late 19th century and early 20th century?

Books of Views

I have three books, all with tartan (but different) covers.  The books are published by W R & S and include a collection of their photos.  The books are all entitled:

Edinburgh and Vicinity - An Album containing over 250 Views
with plan and guide to the principal places of interest

These books each have about 60 pages, approx 11 ins wide x 8.5 ins high.  The contents of two of the books are identical, the third is different.  All appear to have been published around 1900

Inside the cover is an advert for W R & S products:

-  Post Cards - The RELIABLE WR&S SERIES View Cards of Great Britain and Ireland are unrivalled.

-  View Albums - All the Principal Towns are published in the RELIABLE WR&S SERIES.

Souvenirs and Charms - With RELIABLE WR&S SERIES Views of all the Principal Towns.

Novelty Post Cards - Amusing Coloured Designs, with strip of 12 RELIABLE WR&S SERIES Views of all the Principal Towns.


I also have a fourth book, similar to the above, similar to those above but slimmer and with some different photos.  This is undated, but was probably published around 1920.


More Postcards