WR&S Reliable Series

Postcard Backs

Undivided Back   -   Cards posted 1902-04

Backs printed in brown

W R & S Postcard  -  Undivided Back  -  posted 1902-04

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Postcard Backs

Undivided Back

The Back of the Card

Initially, the British Post Office allowed only the address to be written on the backs of postcards.  However, from around September 1903 onwards, it allowed:

-  a message to be written on the left-hand side of the back and
-  the address to be written on the right-hand side of the back of the card.

To accommodate this, publishers started to produce postcards with a line down the centre of the back of the card.  i.e. divided backs.  However the old stock of WR&S cards with undivided backs seem to have continued in use for a couple of years longer, as they appear to have been posted in large numbers between 1902 and 1904.

The Front of the Card

The date written on this card refers to the opening of the Forth Rail Bridge, whose picture appears on the front of the same card:

 W R & S Postcard  -  The Forth Bridge from Queensgerry


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