Coloured post cards

Newhaven  -  New Lane


Post card  -  WR & S Reliable Series

Newhaven New Street  -  Post card by WR & S  -  Reliable series

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Post card  -  Hartmann

Newhaven New Street  -  Post card by Hartmann

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Two Post cards  -  One Scene

The first of the post cards below was posted in 1908.  The second has not been posted.  

Both are by different manufacturers but show almost identical scenes.  The two cards have been hand-coloured in different shades.  

On close inspection, four more children can be seen in the second post card  -  one on the stairs and three in the street.  There are also some minor changes in the positions of the other figures in the photo.

The photographer probably took several photographs over a short period, with the camera on the same mount.


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