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The Old Town of


from Salisbury Crags

From Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park  -  The Old Town and Edinburgh Castle

Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh from the Salisbury Crags  -  Watercolour by James Douglas

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The Old Town of Edinburgh

from Salisbury Crags


This view looks from Salisbury Crags, across a smoky Old Town of Edinburgh ('Auld Reekie') towards Edinburgh Castle on Castle Hill at the top of the Royal Mile.

The figures are standing on the Radical Road, as it passes beneath Salisbury Crags.  The Dome of Edinburgh University is in the centre of the picture, with the tall steeple of Tolbooth St John's Church (now 'The Hub' Festival Ticket Office) behind it.

The outline of St Giles' Church Steeple in the High Street, part of Edinburgh Royal Mile can be seen on the skyline above the figures.

The Painting

This picture is based on a watercolour painting by J Douglas RSW.  This name appears at the bottom-right of the picture.

This artist was, in fact, James Douglas of Dundee (1858-1911) who studied in Edinburgh.  Several of his paintings have also been reproduced as Cynicus postcards.

From 1895 to 1897 James Douglas lived and worked in Rothenburg, Germany, and from 1904 to 1908 he exhibited at the Tayport Art Circle in Dundee.

He was elected RSW in 1900 but seems to have been struck off in 1907 as a result of mental illness which led to his confinement.  He exhibited some 76 works at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh between 1881 and 1907, and many of his works in other exhibitions.

 There are five works by him the collection of the City Art Centre

Most of the details about J Douglas above have been provided by the National Gallery of Scotland


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