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Holyrood Park

Also known as King's Park or (now) Queen's Park

including photos of

Arthur's Seat

Salisbury Crags

St Margaret's Loch

Stereo Views

Stereo View of Holyrood Palace from the Palace Gates  -  Lennie


Engraving from Nelson's Pictorial Guide Books  -  Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags


Castle Postcards - Offset Series  -  Old Houses and Salisbury Crags

Photos  -  1920s onwards

Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park, in the mist  -  A photograph by Wullie Croal

Photos from Tam Croal

Sheep in Holyrood Park  -  photograph taken by Wullie Croal

Recent Photos  -  Seasons

Spring. Summer, Autumn, Winter

Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  November 2002  -  View to the west from the slopes of Arthur's seat in Queen's Park looking towards Edinburgh Castle

Recent Photos  -  Seasons


The Gates at Holyrood Park Roan into Holyrood Park

Maps and Aerial Views

View to the NE from a helicopter  -  Blackford and Arthur's Seat, Edinurgh


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