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Warrender Park Road


Postcard  -  Early 1900s

WR&S 'Reliable Series' postcard  -  Bruntsfield, Warrender Park Road

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   W R and S Postcard  -  Bruntsfield, Warrender Park Road


Warrender Park Road


This postcard from the early 1900s has not been sent through the post, but there is this short message written on it:

"Dear Alice

You can't see our house here.  It is nearer this way.  Your letters get posted in that pillar box on most occasions."


Warrender Park Road lies to the south of Bruntsfield Links, about a mile SW of the centre of Edinburgh.

It is one of several streets that were built on the Bruntsfield estate around 1870.  The Bruntsfield estate was bought in 1695 by George Warrender, who went on to become Lord Provost of Edinburgh in 1713 and Sir George in 1714.

Source :for most of above:  History and Derivation of Edinburgh Street Names [Edinburgh Corporation City Engineers Dept]


Warrender Park Road is shown prominently at the top-left corner of this part of a 1925 map of Edinburgh.

This is a large map so may be very slow to load.

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  South Edinburgh section


Warrender Park Road looks very similar today, apart from the transport in the street


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Warrender Park Road

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