Wrench Series of Post Cards


Beach and Promenade


Post Card    -    Posted 1910

Post Card  -  The Museum of Antiquities, now named the Royal Scottish Academy, Princes Street  -  Wrench Series

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Portobello -  Beach and Promenade

The Postcard

This postcard is No.2527 in the Wrench Series.  It was posted on June 27, 1910, with messages written on both the front and the back.

I think that the brief message on the front reads:

"I feel better today.  Mr ... has gone to Birmingham for a fort-night or more.  G seems to have recovered now, but isn't it cold today.  Much love to all."

The View

The title of this card, almost hidden behind the message is 'The Beach, Portobello'.  However, the view looks to the east along Portobello Promenade, and shows some interesting fashions, both on the promenade and on the beach.

Note the bathing huts on the sands in the background.




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