Boswall Quadrant

Phil Wilson in his Wardie School Uniform  -  around 1961

with 'Holdsworth' bike in the the back garden area at Boswall Quadrant

Phil Wilson in Wardie School Uniform, in the back gardens of Boswall Wuadrant with his bike

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Boswall Quadrant

Phil Wilson of Aberdeen, formerly of Boswall, Edinburgh, sent me the photograph above, taken from a small print (one inch square).

Phil wrote:


"I'm attaching a photo of me in Wardie uniform (about 1961) holding a quite pricy 'Holdsworth' bike in the back gardens area at Boswall Quadrant.

My brother and father were always stripping and rebuilding bikes in the hallway of our house. My brother was particularly good at that, getting quality frames and making them up into really quite good bikes and re-selling them."


"I'm standing in our garden, which was unfortunately regularly shamed by that of Mr Walker behind me, which resembled the Chelsea Flower Show practically the whole year round.

Ours never did!  We did manage to grow potatoes in it, though, and very good they were.  I wish I had the space and the knack now."

Phil Wilson:  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland:  August 6, 2006



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