Cramond Island

   Cramond Island and san at Silverknowes about to be covered by the incoming tide

Rising tide  -  Cramond Island from Silverknowes



Recollections by Andy

Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada

Andy Merrylees is by no means alone in his memories of Cramond Island:  He writes:

Cramond Island


"I remember many moons ago when we were teenagers we got trapped on Cramond Island when the tide came in  -  real rapid if i recall.  You were able to walk out to it then. We were on it for about eight hours. Of course our parents were not amused, I can tell you. "

Andy Merrylees, Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada:   5 January 2006

Cramond Island is connected to the village of Cramond (in the north-western suburbs of Edinburgh) by a causeway.

Within a couple of hours of low water, it is possible to cross the causeway.  At high tide, it is covered by several feet of water.



North Edinburgh

Cramond - Granton - Royston - Trinity -  Wardie


Granton:  transport map 1932

Granton:  small map 1870

Granton:  large map 1870


Cramond:                        from 1940s

Cramond Island:              1970s

Granton:                           1930s   1940s   1950s   1970s

Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  1940s   1950s - 60s   Shops

Lower Granton Road        all dates

Muirhouse                         from 1930s

Pilton:                               1940 bomb

Royston:                            from 1930s

Wardie School:                 1930s    1940s   1950s

                                         1960s    1970s   1980s


Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  from 1544


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