Broughton Road

Chemical Works


Broughton Road  -  Chemical Works

  Copyright: Ian Scott, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, England.


Broughton Road

Broughton Road / Rodney Street junction

This view looks to the NE from the junction of Broughton Road and Rodney Street.  The small car is travelling to the west along Broughton Road and has just passed the works of Lothian Chemical Co.

The road (lower-right) cuts off the NE corner between Broughton Road and Rodney Street.

Thank you to Patrick Hutton, Edinburgh,  for confirming the location.   A Tesco (formerly William Low) supermarket has now replaced the chemical works.

The silhouette of the old Chancelot Mill can be seen in the distant haze.




Alex Dow

Fife, Scotland

Thank you to Alex Dow who wrote:


 Rodney Street and Broughton Road

Broughton Road Chemical Works

"If you look carefully at the pavement corner by the pub, you'll see that this is the diagonal 'link' from Rodney Street to Broughton Road with various shops.

Originally, the tenements met at a right angle by 'recent' traffic lights.             i.e. nearer the traffic bollard, lower centre - Peter Stubbs, 15 May 2017

These tenements were demolished and their replacements were set on the diagonal, to avoid the railway to Trinity, and later to Granton Harbour.  Effectively, this was a continuation almost of Scotland Street Tunnel, from that small goods yard to the larger Logie Green Goods yard.  The railway line then continued  leading on to the skew bridge over the Water of Leith.

These tenements were rebuilt in their new position because that tunnel is so near the surface and could not take the weight of the original buildings. 

The Ritz Cinema slightly higher up on the far side of Rodney Street was of light-weight construction for the same reason.


Chancelot Mill

"The large building and chimney far behind the Lothian Chemical Company chimney are Chancelot Flour SCWS Mills, more recently reincarnated at Leith Docks.

  The old Chancelot Flour SCWS Mills were a prominent feature of North Edinburgh before being lost in a fire.  The mill's large clock was a familiar site to people travelling along Ferry Road between Leith and Goldenacre, Edinburgh.   
                                                                                                                  - Peter Stubbs, 15 May 2017

Alex Dow, Fife, Scotland:  4 May 2017  (2 emails)


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