Café and Shops at

Canonmills Bridge


 Shops and Café at Canonmills Bridge  -  2006

Cafe and shops at the Canonmills Bridge over the Water of Leith  -  Photograph taken 2006

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                        Photograph taken 6 March 2006:  1.55pm

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   Cafe and Shop on Canonmills Bridge ©


Canonmills Bridge

This photograph was taken on a fine day in March 2006.  The of Café and shops at the bridge over the Water of Leith at Canonmills was taken from the foot of Brandon Terrace at Canonmills.



Allan Dodds

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Thank you to Allan Dodds who wrote:


McGlashen's Stonemasons

"Your picture of Canonmills Bridge reminds me of how it was in the 1940s.

The shops and restaurant in my day were part of McGlashens, stonemasons. They advertised examples of their work there, invariably tombstones.

Behind the frontage was a yard (now a car park) where huge blocks of granite were sawn into smaller pieces by a machine. The sawing went on throughout the night and to a young child it was a comforting sound, although my parents always complained that their sleep had been disturbed.

The only continuity today is the fireplace specialist who sells stone fireplaces."

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England:  February 6, 2010




Peter Stubbs



Ships' Chandlers

"I moved to Edinburgh in 1963 and lived near Stockbridge, in Inverleith Terrace.  I remember the the stonemasons that Allan speaks of, and the yard behind the shop.

The main shop that I remember on Canonmills Bridge in the late-1960s was a ship's chandlers, owned by one of the Tulloch family.  It sold parts for yachts and dinghies and was used by members of the yacht clubs at Granton Harbour and Cramond.   It has now become a restaurant."

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 6, 2010



Allan Dodds

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

The shop on the bridge at Canonmills is now Earthy, a fresh food shop and restaurant, though for some time there have been proposals to build apartments on this site..

Earthy Fresh Food shop and Restaurant  -  with a cow and hay outside ©

On hearing this, Allan Dodds wrote:


McGlashen's Stonemasons

"When I was a child, McGlashen's Monumental Masons were on the site where Earthy is now.  Many of the gravestones in Warriston Cemetery were fashioned at McGlashen's. 

They had a yard where they hewed granite blocks.  It now serves as a car park.


New Apartments?

"The idea of creating flats there is repugnant, as it is totally inappropriate to the surrounding landscape."

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England:  January 28, 2015

McGlashen's Stonemasons

Alan may well be concerned to hear that the landscape around Canonmills Bridge has already begun to change.  The site that was once Clark's large stone works, opposite the Esso Petrol Station at Canonmills

Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  1991 ©            Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  carving stone ©

 was redeveloped as apartments a few years ago.

Canonmills Court Apartments  -  Photographed 2006 ©

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 14, 2014



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