Edinburgh Forthside

Granton Western Harbour


    Edinburgh Forthside -  Plan of Granton Western Harbour  -   part of the Forthside Masterplan

Granton Western Harbour is part of Edinburgh Forthside.

Developments have begun at Granton Western Harbour.  Please click on the Western Harbour and Middle Pier sections of this map below to see some photos of progress to date.

There will be tidal waters on three sides of the proposed developments at Granton Western Harbour and the area will be criss-crossed by a network of canals.

The masterplan includes a 230 berth marina, a breakwater walk running along the western boundary of the site, commercial, leisure and retail developments and a public park.


Details above are based on a brochure entitled Edinburgh Forthside - Completing the Picture produced by Forth Ports plc in March 2005


Edinburgh Forthside comprises developments over the next 15 years, to 2020, at:

-   Granton Western Harbour

-   Leith - Western Harbour (Newhaven).

-   Port of Leith

The Waterfront

Granton Western Harbour is top-right

Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Aerial Photograph  -  2000

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Edinburgh Forthside


1.  Granton Western Harbour

2.  Leith Western Harbour

3.  Port of Leith.