Edinburgh Forthside Masterplan

Leith Western Harbour


Leith Western Harbour is part of Edinburgh Forthside.

     Edinburgh Forthside  -  Leith Western Harbour in the foreground.  The Firth of Forth in the background.

Developments are well underway at Leith Western Harbour, particularly along the western edge, extending into the Firth of Forth from Newhaven Harbour.  The photograph below shows the developments as seen (with a telephoto lens) from Edinburgh Castle, about 3 miles away.

View from Edinburgh Castle

    View to the north from Edinburgh Castle  -  August 2004

The centrepiece of the development is to be Western Harbour Park, similar in size to Princes Street Gardens. It will include formal and informal gardens and a bus station.

    Edinburgh Forthside  -  Proposals for Leith Western Harbour

Close to Platinum Point and  to the large developments, currently being built, there is to be a breakwater walk, giving a view up the Firth of Forth to the Forth Bridges.

Here is a view of the western harbour developments under construction, taken with a telephoto lens from Edinburgh Castle, about three miles to the south.


Details above are based on a brochure entitled Edinburgh Forthside - Completing the Picture produced by Forth Ports plc in March 2005


Edinburgh Forthside comprises developments over the next 15 years, to 2020, at:

-   Granton Western Harbour

-   Leith - Western Harbour (Newhaven).

-   Port of Leith



Edinburgh Forthside


1.  Granton Western Harbour

2.  Leith Western Harbour

3.  Port of Leith.