This photo was taken at

Victoria Docks


despite early opinions that it might have been taken
near the Union Canal, Fountainbridge.


Engraving in 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  Edinburgh Castle from Port Hopetoun

  Mark Harris, London, England                                                              Photograph taken late-1970s


Where is it?

Late-1970s Photos

Thank you to Mark Harris for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  This is one of many black and white photos that Mark took in Edinburgh in the late-1970s.


Please email me if you can help to answer to these questions.

(a)  Where exactly might the photo have been taken?

(b)  Is the building on the left in the background St Cuthbert's Headquarters at Fountainbridge?

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 29, 2013




John Gray

Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Gray who wrote:


North British Rubber Mills ***

    Union Canal, Fountainbridge   -  mid-1970s

"The building on the left in the distance in this photo is indeed the St Cuthbert's Headquarters.

So, I would hazard a guess that the scene in this photo would be the site of the demolished North British Rubber Mills / Vulcanite Works that were in that general vicinity."

John Gray, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh:  June 30, 2013

***  BUT  please see 'Reply 2' below, which I believe gives the correct answer




Danny Duff


Thank you to Danny Duff, Edinburgh, who wrote:


Victoria Docks

     Union Canal, Fountainbridge   -  mid-1970s

"In fact, the view on this photo is NOT of the Rubber Mill at Fountainbridge.

The photo is of Victoria Docks in Leith.  That's where the pipe coaters used to stack their pipes. 

The clock tower on the left in the distance is the old Sailors' Mission, now the hotel at Tower Street, Leith."

Danny Duff, Edinburgh:  July 1, 2013

North British Rubber Mills

Please click on the thumbnail image below to see a view of the former Sailors' Mission, now the Malmaison Hotel, at Tower Street, Leith.

Malmaison Hotel

   Malmaison Hotel, Leith  -  November 2005

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 8, 2013