Granton Eastern Breakwater


The Old Wooden Pier at the end of

Granton Eastern Breakwater

The remains of the old wooden pier at the end of Granton Harbour.'s Eastern Breakwater

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                           Photograph taken at 2.00pm, 18 July 2004


Granton Breakwater

Here is all that remains of the the short wooden pier near the harbour entrance at the end of Granton Harbour's Eastern Breakwater.

The pier has gradually disintegrated over the years.  When I occasionally sailed into Granton Harbour around 1970, lots of fishermen were on the pier.

This photograph is taken with a wide angle lens from beside the 'white box' at the end of the breakwater.

At the extreme left of the picture is the end of the Western Breakwater, soon to look very different as work on the Edinburgh Waterfront project progresses.

Behind the Western breakwater, and immediately to the right of it in this picture, is Cramond Island.

Please click on the image below to see a view to the west from this position, but using a longer lens:

Looking to the west from the end of Granton Harbour's Estern Breakwater


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