Holyrood Park

Surfaceman's Cottage on the Innocent Railway




Restoration Work Identified

Surfaceman's Cottage on the Innocent Railway at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

©  John Crae, Leith, Edinburgh                                                                                                                         Photo taken March 6, 2004




Restoration Work Completed

Surfaceman's Cottage on the Innocent Railway at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

©  John Crae, Leith, Edinburgh                                                                                                                 Photo taken December 6, 2008


Surfaceman's Cottage

Innocent Railway, Holyrood Park

Thank you to John Crae for allowing me to reproduce the two photos above.

John wrote:

Old Cottage

"I've just spotted David Taylorís photo of the cottage near Wells O' Wearie.

Wells o' Wearie Cottang, near Duddingston Loch, Holyrood Park ©

It was interesting to see the area without the trees that now surround it.  My Photos 1 and 2 above show all that remains of the cottage now.

According to old maps, the cottage in the photo is the Surfacemanís Cottage which was constructed at the same time as the Innocent Railway and presumably demolished when the railway closed."


"The surfaceman was a railway worker whose job was to inspect and make minor repairs to the bed and boundary walls of the railway."

Boundary Wall

"If you have good eyes you can just make out a wall running off to the left of the cottage at 90 degrees to the railway. This was the original boundary wall of Holyrood Park before Duddingston Loch was added to the park around 1910.

John Crae, Leith, Edinburgh:  November 16+19, 2012



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