Leith Docks



Industry at Leith Docks, Seafield  -  Photographed 11 November 2004

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                     Photograph taken at 19 November 2004


Much of Leith Docks is now now not accessible to the public, some of it is still used by commercial shipping and other areas are being developed for housing, particularly the strip along the Firth of Forth on the northern edge of Leith Western Harbour.

However there is still waste land and little evidence of development on the land between Edinburgh Dock and the level crossing at Seafield.

In this view there are disused railway lines in the foreground and stored piping and industry in the background. 

The dome, centre left, is in Marine Esplanade.  Perhaps somebody can tell me the purpose of the dome.


The Dome


The dome, centre left, is in Can anybody tell me the purpose of the dome in Marine Esplanade in this photo?


Thank you to wee Dave, Edinburgh, who replied:

"The dome in Marine Esplanade stores methane gas from the six violet coloured digesters alongside  it.  The methane gas is a by-product of treated sludge at the Seafield sewage works.

The methane runs a combined heat and power unit inside the building in the foreground."

Wee Dave, Edinburgh:  October 3, 2006.