Leith Harbour

West Pier

Joe Moracen standing on West Pier, Leith    -    1936

Leith Harbour, West Pier  -  Photograph of Joe Moracen in 1936.

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Moracen.

Leith Harbour

West Pier

This photograph of Joe Moracen, standing in front of a Leith Docks Commission life belt was taken during one of his regular Sunday walks along West Pier at Leith Harbour, before Leith Western Harbour was constructed.

Joe is still [in 2005] a member of Leith Local History Society.

'Tally Tower'

Thank you, also, to Joe Morrison for providing a copy of this oil painting of nearby Leith Sands.  The painting is taken from two photographs by Jerome from the mid-1930s.  They are the only two outdoor photos in Edinburgh that I have seen by Jerome.

The figure at the front of this painting is Joe Moracen.  In the background is the 'Tally Tower'  -  the Martello Tower, which is now situated within Leith Western Harbour, close to the harbour entrance.

Painting by Frank Forsgard Manclark, 'The Leith Artist'   -   Leith Sands and the Martello Tower

Leith Sands and the Martello Tower


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