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Lochinvar Camp

Camp for the Homeless following World War 2

A Hero's Home!

Lochinvar Camp   -   A Hero's Home

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site details.   Scotsman Photo 017713. (I have added the sepia toning)


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      Lochinvar Camp   -   A Hero's Home 


Lochinvar Camp

Housing for the Homeless

During World War II Lochinvar Camp was a Naval training establishment, but following the end of the war, in 1946, it passed to Edinburgh Council and was used to house homeless families that did not qualify for council housing.

The camp was on the northern half of Wardie Primary School playing fields, Granton Road, about half a mile to the south-east of Granton Harbour. 

Lochinvar Camp

  Aerial view of Wardie School Grounds  -  1947


Key to aerial view of Wardie School Grounds  -  1947

The camp remained in use from 1946 until around 1956.


The photo above shows the exterior of one of the corrugated iron buildings at Lochinvar Camp.  This was one of several photos that appeared in the Edinburgh Evening Dispatch on November 16, 1951.  Most of the other photos were interior photos.

Please click on 'Photos' below to see photos taken inside the camp's housing.

I had assumed that the exterior photo above might have been taken earlier, perhaps soon after the heroes had returned.  Its negative number (017713) is not in the same range as the negative numbers for the interior photos (H2344-6).

However staff at The Scotsman photo archive tell me that the number 017713 indicates that the photo was taken in 1951.


Lochinvar Camp