London Road, Edinburgh


Speedway at Meadowbank Stadium

Later transferred to Powderhall Stadium


  Meadowbank Stadium  -  Speedway  -  1967

Meadowbank Speedway


Meadowbank Stadium and Station

(See Notes 1 and 2 below)


  Meadowbank Stadium  -  Commonwealthe Games  -   1986

Commonwealth Games

  Meadowbank Station  -  Arrival of one of the special shuttle trains from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank Stadium

Meadowbank Station


Meadowbank Retail Park

About 1/4 mile to the west of Meadowbank Stadium.

Built on the site of London Road Foundry (demolished 1996)


 London Road Foundry wall being demolished to make way for Meadowbank Retail Park  -  1996 


London Road Foundry wall being demolished, to make way for Meadowbank Retail Park

Meadowbank Retail Park construction begins  -  1996 


Meadowbank Retail Park
construction begins

Meadowbank Retail Park open for business  -  1977 


Meadowbank Retail Park
open for business


Note 1

Meadowbank Stadium

Meadowbank Stadium and the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh were both built for the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh.

They were uses again when the Commonwealth Games returned to Edinburgh in 1986.

Now, in 2007, the future of Meadowbank Stadium is under discussion.  Some of the land may be sold off to help finance the building of a new stadium at Sighthill in the West of Edinburgh and to help refurbish the Royal Commonwealth Pool.


Note 2

Meadowbank Station

Meadowbank station was specially opened for the duration of the Commonwealth Games, held at Meadowbank Stadium in 1986.

A shuttle service operated between Edinburgh Waverley station and Meadowbank station during the games.


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