Police Box

Hope Park Crescent

At the SE corner of The Meadows


A Hot Summer Day, during 'Treefest Scotland, 2006'

Ice Cream Van at the East Gate of Inverleith Park during 'Treefest Scotland', 2006

 Copyright: peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                      Photograph taken  December 1 2005 at 11.34am

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   The Meadows  -  This is one of several old Edinburgh Police Boxes that have been converted into Coffee Kiosks


Map showing the locations of some of the snack vans aroundl Edinburgh  -  2002 to 2006


The Meadows

In the days long before mobile phones were common, Edinburgh had Police Boxes scattered around the city, from which emergency telephone calls could be made.  This style of Police Box was unique to Edinburgh. 

In recent years, several of these have been converted into a chain of coffee kiosks.


Police Boxes

Edinburgh Snack Bars