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Floral Clock


Floral Clock  -  2011


  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                           Photographed May 20, 2011


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Edinburgh's Floral Clocks

Princes Street Gardens

A Floral Clock is planted in Edinburgh during the summer months each year.  The first was planted in 1903.  The idea has been copied by many other cities around the world.

This photo was taken on May 20, 2011, soon after the planting of the floral clock began.  It shows the templates for the numbers used to mark the ground for planting the year, 2011.

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Princes Street Gardens, Floral Clock, 2011



George Robinson

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Planting the Clock

Thank you to George Robinson for letting me know that the man laying out  the clock in this photo is David Dorward, who is in charge of the gardeners.


'Floral Clock Day'

George is secretary of the One o'Clock Gun & Time Ball Association.

He also tells me that the 105 Regiment R.A. (V.) will be taking part in a 'Floral Clock Day' ceremony to be held in West Princes Street at 1pm  Gardens on August 9, 2011.  The Lord Provost will be present.

Acknowledgement:  George Robinson, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh:  January 4 and June 14+27, 2011



Floral Clock

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Floral Clock


Floral Clock


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Floral Clock

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