Princes Street Gardens

Audience at the Ross Bandstand

Princes Street in the Background

   Princes Street Gardens  -  Ross Bandstand Audeince , zoom-in

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Nigel Baxter, Boston, Lincolnshire, England


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    Princes Street Gardens  -  Ross Bandstand Audeince , zoom-in


Broughton Place

Date of the Photo?

Thank you to Nigel Baxter for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above of a large crowd at the Ross Bandstand in West Princes Street Gardens.

The photo is not dated, but I think it may have been taken some time around the 1950s.

The Audience

Here is another photograph of the audience at the Ross Bandstand, all still seated when the photo was taken.  The shops and tea-room on the south side of Princes Street can be seen in this photo.

Princes Street Gardens  -  Ross Bandstand Audeince + Princes Street

Both these photos may have been taken on the same occasion.  Both come from medium format negatives that Nigel acquired as a 'job lot' in an auction following a house clearance.

Acknowledgement:  Nigel Baxter, Boston, Lincolnshire, England:  October 31, 2011.


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Princes Street Gardens
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