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Dalrymple Place?


St Leonard's District -  1920s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Gordon, Old Town, Edinburgh


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    St Leonard's District -  1920s


St Leonard's District  -  1920s

Collection of Photos

The image  above is taken from a collection of whole-plate negatives.  The photos were probably taken around the 1920s. 

If you recognise this street, please email me.

Thank you.    Peter Stubbs: July 6, 2008




Lyndsay Montgomery

Old Town, Edinburgh

Thank you to Lyndsay Montgomery who wrote:

Dalrymple Place or Prospect Street?

"A friend thinks that this photograph is of either the back of Dalrymple Place, or the back of a stair in Prospect Street."

Lyndsay Montgomery, Old Town, Edinburgh:  July 26, 2008




Eric Gold

East London

Thank you to Eric Gold who wrote:

Dalrymple Place?

"Prospect Street, like most of Arthur Street, was about five to six flights of  stairs.  I should know as I sold broken sticks to people when I was wee.

St Leonard's District -  1920s

In the photo above, the building is only 3 flights, so I would guess it was Dalrymple Place.  The hooses are wee compared to Arthur Street.

Eric Gold, East London:  July 28, 2008.

We still don't know whether the photo is of Dalrymple Place or not;  but Dalrymple Place is certainly closer than Prospect Street to the area where the rest of the photos in this St Leonard's series were taken.

-  Peter Stubbs:  July 29, 2008



Andy Duff

Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Thank you to Andy Duff who wrote:

Not Dalrymple Place

"This building is not Dalrymple Place.  The reasons being the flat roof.  Dalrymple Place had a pitched roof.

The window with bars on it could be a stair window. Dalrymple Place.  There were stairs at the back of the building in Dalrymple Place.  If memory serves me right, they were three flights high.  I know because I used to deliver papers up this stair."

Andy Duff, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia:   October 10, 2010


1891 Map

Prospect Street can be fond centre-right on the Dumbiedykes map below.

Dalrymple Place can be found towards the upper-left corner of the St Leonard's map below.



1891 Map

    Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  Dumbiedykes

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St Leonard's

1891 Map

   Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  St Leonard's

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