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'This Scotland'


'This Scotland'  Exhibition

Musicians and Dancers

This Scotland Exhibition at Waverley Market, 1959

  Scotsman Publications Ltd.   Click here for web site details.     Licensed by Scran,   Photo 99971131  Scran 000-000-067-874        Photo published: Aug 21, 1959


'This Scotland'

Above is a photo of musicians and dancing at 'This Scotland' Exhibition at Waverley Market in 1959.  Please click on the thumbnail image below to see some of the musicians.

Three Musicians at 'This Scotland Exhibition' at Waverley Marketm, 1959

Do you know which band this was?   Please email me if you know the answer **.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 15, 2011

**  Please click on the link below to read the replies that I have received to this question:

'This Scotland' Exhibition: Jimmy Shand




Bryan Gourlay

Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Bryan Gourlay has already commented on the musicians in this photo.  (Thank you , Brian.)


Three Musicians at 'This Scotland Exhibition' at Waverley Marketm, 1959

Here, Brian has comments on the photo at the top of this page.

Brian wrote:

Musicians and Dancers

    Dancing at 'This Scotland Exhibition' at Waverley Marketm, 1959

Photos on the Stage

"Looking at the view of the dancing reveals a number of well kent faces of the time.  The photos on the top left of the rear screen show:

Jameson Clark, a popular actor (second left)

Andy Stewart (second right)

Roddy McMillan, who played Para Handy in the second series, (on the far right)"

Musicians on the Stage

"On the front left of the stage, Jimmie McGregor is hiding behind the guitar with his partner Robin Hall sitting to his left in the photo. They were a very well-known folk singing duo for many years."

Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland:  October 11, 2012




David South

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to David South for telling me the names of more of the musicians on stage in this photo.

David wrote:

Musicians on the Stage

"I can identify the  names of the musicians on stage in this photo:

    Dancing at 'This Scotland Exhibition' at Waverley Marketm, 1959

1.  All the musicians' names given by  Bryan Gourlay in his Reply 1 above are correct.

2.  The other musicians on stage in this photo are, starting with the accordionist on the left:

-  Bert Shorthouse (accordion)

-  George McKelvey (accordion)

-  Syd Chalmers (fiddle)

-  Owen McCabe (drums - hidden in the back)

-  Jimmy Shand (accordion)

-  John Whyte (bass)

-  Norman (or Norrie) Whitelaw (piano).

This would have been the standard make-up of Jimmy Shand & his Band at this time."

David South, Geelong, Victoria, Australia:  30 August 2013

Accordionist, Scottish Dance Band leader, composer and all-around Jimmy Shand fan.


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