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Wester Coates

Half a mile west of Haymarket




Wester Coates lies on the southern side of West Coates, opposite Donaldson's Hospital.  West Coates  is part of the A8 Edinburgh-Glasgow road, between Haymarket and Roseburn.

Wester Coates comprises several streets of houses built for the working-class between 1863 and 1874 by James McKelvie, coal merchant.

Wester Coates

Map  -  Edinburgh 1915  -  Donaldson's Hospital and Wester Coates

The old houses on the northern edge of  Wester Coates (West Catherine Place, Stanhope Place, Devon Place) and at the west (Carberry Place, Pembroke Place - see views below) are still standing.

However the old houses further east (including Eglinton Place, Elgin Place, Sutherland Street, Surrey Place, Surrey Square, Borthwick Place) were demolished and replaced by newer housing.

Thank you to Simon Capaldi who lived in Osborne Terrace from 1970 to 1992 for telling me that the old houses were demolished in the mid-1970s.    -  Simon Capaldi:  April 16, 2009.

The cobble stones that make the surface of Pembroke Place probably look today very much as they did when the street was built.  The original surface of Carberry Place is not so easy to find today.  Both streets were built in 1866.



Around 1950

Aunt Winnie Forsyth in West Catherine Place, Haymarket, Edinburgh  -  around 1950

West Catherine Place




   Edinburgh Streets:  Wester Coates - Carberry Place

Carberry Place

Edinburgh Streets:  Wester Coates - Pembroke Place

Pembroke Place