Who?  Where?  When?

Cart belonging to Mansons, Granton

Man and horse - Who? Where? When?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Baptie, Southampton, Hampshire, England                               Photographer not known.


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    Man and horse - Who? Where? When?


Who?  Where?  When?

Thank you to Robert Baptie who wrote:

"I came across this old postcard amongst my father's belongings.  I don't know what it depicts, but am sure it has something to do with my family.

 Are you able to shed any light on it?"

Robert Baptie, Southampton, Hampshire, England:  August 30, 2010

Another Old Postcard

Here is an old postcard that Robert found amongst his belongings.  Robert is also trying to discover more about this photo:

Men and cart belonging to Mansons, Granton  -  Who?  Where?  When?


Can you identify when and where either of these photos might have been taken?  If so, please email me.

There may be a few clues in the background of the horse photo that will help identify the location.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  September 2+4, 2010


Where is it?

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