Manson's Fruit Cart


Who?  Where?  When?

Cart belonging to Mansons, Granton

Men and cart belonging to Mansons, Granton  -  Who?  Where?  When?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Baptie, Southampton, Hampshire, England                           Photographer not known.


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    Men and cart belonging to Mansons, Granton  -  Who?  Where?  When?


Who?  Where?  When?

Thank you to Robert Baptie who wrote:

"I came across this old photo amongst my father's belongings.  I don't know what it depicts, but am sure it has something to do with my family.

 Are you able to shed any light on it?"

Robert Baptie, Southampton, Hampshire, England:  August 30, 2010

Another Old Postcard

Here is an old postcard that Robert found amongst his belongings.  There is no publisher's name on this card, but the date, '1949' has been written on the reverse.

Man and horse - Who? Where? When?


Can you identify when and where either of these photos might have been taken?  If so, please email me.

There may be a few clues in the background of the horse photo that will help identify the location.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  September 2+4, 2010




Peter Stubbs


The only clue that I've found that might be relevant to this photo comes from old editions of the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory.

-  The directory lists an R Manson as a grocer, living at 1a Fraser Avenue (Granton).

-  However, the 1930 directory describes him as grocer, living at 28 Hutchison Avenue.



Ronnie Elder

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Thank you to Ronnie Elder for his email in which he compared these photos:

-  Manson's fruit and vegetable cart

-  Children climbing the steps from Granton Square, c.1958.

Ronnie wrote

Looking down on Granton Square and across to Granton Harbour  -  possibly about 1950         Men and cart belonging to Mansons, Granton  -  Who?  Where?  When?

Granton Square

"If you compare these photos above, you might consider the  walls and railings at the entrance to the steps from Granton Square (in the photo on the left) are similar to those behind Manson's cart  (in the photo on the right)."

Ronnie Added

"I've no idea when the photo of the cart might have been taken. But I might mention that the gentleman standing at the rear of the cart resembles my late father a lot; but it is not he."

Ronnie Elder, Kandy, Sri Lanka:  September 4, 2010

Further Investigation Needed

Ronnie points out that the handrails beside the steps were different in both photos.

However, the cart would presumably have been based at Granton, so Granton Square does seem, to me, to be a likely location for the photo.

Apart from the hill above Lower Granton Road (which is lined with housing) the hill above Granton Square is about the only hill in the area.

It might be worthwhile checking to see if any of the houses in the background of the cart photo can still be found above Granton Square.

Peter Stubbs:  September 7, 2010



Ronnie Elder

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Thank you to Ronnie Elder for writing again.

Ronnie wrote


Is it my Father?

"I have given more thought to this photograph, and, it just might be possible the small gentleman standing at the rear of the cart may be my late father.

After being released from the army at the end of WW2, my father had dreams of opening a market garden for flowers and vegetables.  The army offered him a training scheme towards this end. 

However, initially, they required him to attend a running market garden to undergo basic training.  This meant rising before six am and travelling some distance from home.

Well, the desire didn't last all that long, as one morning the mail man delivered a letter marked OHMS, asking his interest in returning to the army for a further five years service, remaining in his substantive rank as a Captain.

 I understand he reported the very next day, and market gardening became history.

Anyway, my relevant point, I wonder if  he had been under training with a market garden owned by Mansons and had assisted with the selling from a cart.  If so, this would date the photo around 1945/46."

Ronnie Elder, Kandy, Sri Lanka:  September 22, 2010


Where is it?

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