National Library

George IV Bridge


'Read All About It' Exhibition

The National Library, George IV Bridge  -  with banners for the 'Read All About It' exhibition

  Copyright:                    Photographed 17 July 2004

National Library

The Library

The library is situated on the west side of George IV Bridge, opposite Edinburgh Central Library.  It is a 1930s building in a classical style, by Reginald Fairlie, commenced in 1934 but not completed until 1955.

The Exhibition

'Read All About It'

 The banners hanging here outside the National Library of Scotland are advertising a free exhibition 'Read All About It' - the story of news in Scotland over the past four hundred years.  The exhibition is open from 5 June to 31 October.

Photograph by AH MacLucas of his son Norman - Paper Seller 2

The little boy on the banner, dressed as a newspaper seller Norman MacLucas, one of Archibald MacLucas' children.  Archibald MacLucas produced several delightful child studies.  Here is another:

Photograph by AH MacLucas of his son Norman - Paper Seller 1


Archibald H MacLucas

Archibald H MacLucas was a prominent member of Edinburgh Photographic Society from the early 1900s.  Between 1907 and 1915 he was a member of a group that broke away from EPS to form the Midlothian Photographic Association.  He was elected EPS President in 1917 and again in 1942.

Archibald Hugh MacLucas  -  in later life

By the 1950s, he had become known as "The Grand Old Man of EPS".  He was elected Vice President of EPS in 1954, but died the following day.