Rex Launderette



Rex Launderette at the corner of Wauchope Avenue and Wauchope Crescent  -  2006

  Peter Stubbs                                                                              Photograph taken July 11, 2006

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     Rex Launderette and Wauchope Crescent  -  2006


Rex Launderette

June 2006

Here is the west side of Rex Launderette, facing onto Wauchope Avenue.

This photo was taken on June 15, 2008.

July 2006

Here, we zoom-out to see a little more of the launderette and its surroundings.  In this view, taken on July 11, 2006, the street sign is still in place as were others in the area, but all were soon to be removed and sold at auction.

Rex Launderette at the corner of Wauchope Crescent and Wauchope Avenue


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