St Stephen's Church

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

June 15, 1961

St Stephen's Church  -  Staircase to the Church Clock

  Indiana University, Charles W Cushman Collection                                                                                                Archive ID:  P12308

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    Photograph by Charles W Cushman - St Stephen's Church Edinburgh - 1961


St Stephen's Church


This photo was taken on Kodachrome film by amateur photographer, Charles W Cushman (1896-1972) from the USA during his visit to Edinburgh in 1961.

The photo was taken on June 15, 1961, looking to the north down St Vincent Street towards St Stephen's Church in Edinburgh's New Town.

The buildings look very much the same today, but the parked cars in the photograph above have captured the 1960s period well.


Here is an engraving, looking down St Vincent Street towards St Stephen's church.  The engraving was published in 'Modern Athens' in 1829

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge



St Stephen's Church

John Clark saw the picture at the top of this page and wrote:

St Stephen's Church

   Photograph by Charles W Cushman - St Stephen's Church Edinburgh - 1961

"Thank you for bringing back some really happy memories (again). The 1961 photo was taken at the time when my wife and I lived just along to the left of the church in St Stephens Street,  our first home, and where my first two boys were born."


Great King Street

"The point that picture was taken from has to be the end of Great King Street where I lived with my parents from age 15 till I was married in 1960, aged 21.  I am 70 now."

Great King Street

   View to the east along Great King Street from Howe Street  -  December 2007


John Clark, Canada:  April 25, 2008


Saint Stephen's Church


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