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 Reproduced by courtesy of Lilly Ginger


Photos from Old Glass Negatives


This image is taken from one from a collection of glass negatives that were found recently.  Some of the negatives show groups of girls around  Randolph Crescent area of Edinburgh.

Where might this photo have been taken?




Arthur GR Sutherland

York, Yorkshire, England

Many thanks to Arthur Sutherland, now living in York, for providing the following comments on this photo and on photo 4.

Arthur wrote:

"With regard to 'Where is it 3 & 4', it is possible that since these come from the same collection of glass plates, then the girl and building are in some way related.

Her dress suggests to me an early school uniform, of perhaps Mary Erskine or St Denis.  I mention the latter as I believe the building may be that school.

From memory, I feel reasonably certain that the girl is photographed in the yard of a building at the end of Telford Bridge.

It is the first house as you come off the bridge on the left if you are going toward the West End. I am reasonably certain from memory that these structures around her are still there in the yard of this house and can be seen over the end of the bridge parapet."

Arthur Sutherland:  York, Yorkshire, England.  May 23, 2006

Thank you, Arthur.

However, I looked at the houses beside Telford Bridge last week.  I could find nothing to match picture above.

Peter Stubbs:  May 28, 2006




Archie Young

Moredun, Edinburgh

Many thanks to Archie Young who wrote:

Kingston House and Kingston Grange

"I believe that the house in the picture is Kingston House and Kingston Grange, on the Gilmerton road across from the Northfield Church. 

The courts are no longer there.  There was also a running track and various buildings within the grounds.

The man who built these buildings was a well-to-do tailor in Edinburgh.  The buildings have now been converted to private flats."

Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh:  March 14, 2009


Archie Young subsequently wrote:

It is NOT Kingston House and Kingston Grange

"I must apologise, but the photograph above is not of Kingston House and Kingston Grange.  At first glimpse, it looked as if it was."

Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh:  March 15, 2009




Simon Capaldi

Sheriffhall, Midlothian

Many thanks to Simon Capaldi who wrote:

Simon wrote:

"Is this not the old girls' school which is in Pollok Halls of Residence?"

Simon Capaldi, Sheriffhall, Midlothian:  March 17, 2009

Simon added:

"The building is still there.  The entrance is after the Commonwealth Pool  and the building is straight ahead."

Simon Capaldi, Sheriffhall, Midlothian:  March 20, 2009


The building in this picture does NOT appear to be the old girls' school which is in Pollok Halls of Residence.

   Where is it?  -  Picture 3

I had a look, today, at the two old buildings near the Commonwealth Pool, one to the east of the pool and the other to the south, but neither of them matched this photo.

Peter Stubbs: March 21, 2009




Cliff Cairns

Many thanks to Cliff Cairns who wrote:

"It looks like Kingston House, next to the Inch on  Liberton Road."

Cliff Cairns, near Edinburgh:  October 31, 2009.

This is the same thought as Archie Young had in reply 2 above.


Cliff wrote again:

"I was convinced that it was Kingston Clinic, as it was called in the 1950s.  I used to play in the grounds for many years.  In fact, there are similarities, but it's not the same house.

I've now just been to see it and photograph it.  A lot of the old building has been demolished to the rear.  The front is still the same but not the house in your picture.

Unknown House

   Where is it?  -  Picture 3

Kingston House


It has now been converted into flats, and a lot of new flats have been built on the grounds."

Cliff Cairns, near Edinburgh:  November 7, 2009.


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