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No 4

Building  -  Where is it?  -  No 4

 Reproduced by courtesy of Lilly Ginger


Photos from Old Glass Negatives

This image is one from a collection of glass negatives that were found recently.  Some of the negatives show groups of girls around Randolph Square and Randolph Gardens, Edinburgh.




Arthur GR Sutherland

York, Yorkshire, England

Many thanks to Arthur Sutherland, now living in York, for providing the following comments on this photo and on photo 3.

Arthur wrote

"With regard to 'Where is it 3 & 4', it is possible that since these come from the same collection of glass plates, then the girl and building are in some way related.

Her dress suggests to me an early school uniform, of perhaps Mary Erskine or St Denis.  I mention the latter as I believe the building may be that school.

From memory, I feel reasonably certain that the girl is photographed in the yard of a building at the end of Telford Bridge.

It is the first house as you come off the bridge on the left if you are going toward the West End. I am reasonably certain from memory that these structures around her are still there in the yard of this house and can be seen over the end of the bridge parapet.

Arthur Sutherland:  York, Yorkshire, England.  May 23, 2006

Thank you, Arthur.   

However, I looked at the houses beside Telford Bridge last week.  I could find nothing to match picture above.
- Peter Stubbs:  May 28, 1006




Archie Young

Moredun, Edinburgh

Many thanks to Archie Young who wrote:

Possibly Warriston Cemetery

"It may sound strange but I have a feeling that it is taken at a cemetery.  You can see the iron gates to stop grave robbers, and there is a stair behind the girl, to an upper level.

It could be Warriston. I am sure that has two levels.*   It looks as if  the girl is holding something in her fingers.

I would put the photo as around 1914, her head gear is strange, I wonder if she was in the Guides."

Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh:  March 14, 2009

*  Yes, Warriston Cemetery does have two levels  -  Peter Stubbs:  March 15, 2009


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