'Old Houses in Edinburgh'

Drawings by

Bruce J Home

Published by

William J Hay
John Knox House, Edinburgh

Published early-1900s

'The drawings: 'Old Houses in Edinburgh' were published in the early 1900s   in two series, each having 9 parts with 3 drawings in each part,  a total of 54 drawings.

A brief comment about these drawings appeared in The Spectator in 1907, following the publication of the second series.

There were a total of 54 drawings published.  Here are 20 of them:

Below are the contents for each of the 18 parts of 'Old Houses in Edinburgh', listing all 54 drawings that were published in the two series.

First Series

Contents of Part  I

-  Introduction by Prof G Baldwin Brown

-  Sir Archibald Acheson's House

-  Lady Stair's House

-  Plainstane Close

Contents of Part  II

-  Advocate's Close  (from the upper end)

-  Back of Bakehouse Close  (Upper Courtyard)

-  Kinloch's Close, High Street

Contents of Part  III

-  Brown's Close, Canongate

-  Advocate's Close  (from the lower end)

-  Back of Bakehouse Close  (Lower Courtyard)

Contents of Part  IV

-  Interior of Bakehouse Close  (East Side)

-  Brown's Court, Canongate  (looking South)

-  Front of Huntly House, Canongate

Contents of Part  V

-  Huntly House, Canongate  (Front View)

-  Huntly House, Canongate  (Back View)

-  Back of Bakehouse Close  (looking North)

Contents of Part  VI

-  Brodie's Yard, Cowgate

-  Doorway of the Gordon House, Castlehill

-  Dewar's Close, Grassmarket

Contents of Part  VII

-  Hope House, Cowgate

-  Campbell's Close, Cowgate

-  Back of Bakehouse Close  (looking South)

Contents of Part  VIII

-  Sir Archibald Acheson's House  (looking S-E)

-  Baillie Fyfe's Close  (looking South)

-  Baillie Fyfe's Close  (looking North)

Contents of Part  IX

-  Bakehouse Close  (General View)

-  Bakehouse Close  (from Acheson's House)

-  Baird's Close  (from King's Stables Road)

-  Title Page and Contents of First Series

Second Series

Contents of Part  X

-  Trunk Close from the South

-  Trunk Close from the North

-  John Knox's House from the rear

Contents of Part  XI

-  Carruber's Close from the North

-  Carruber's Close from the South

-  Milne's Close ()West Side), Lawnmarket

Contents of Part  XII

-  House of Adam Bothwell, Bishop of Orkney

-  Somerville's Land, Lawnmarket

-  Brodie's Court, Lawnmarket

Contents of Part  XIII

-  Mine's Court, Lawnmarket

-  Site of St Mary of Placentia

-  St Cuthbert's Close, West Port

Contents of Part  XIV

-  West Port from High Riggs

-  Baird's Close, looking North

-  Baird's Close, looking South

Contents of Part  XV

-  Court at the Bow Foot

-  Site of St Mary of Placentia  (second plate)

-  Morrison's Close

Contents of Part  XVI

-  Court at Bow Foot, Grassmarket

-  Gladstone's Land, Lawnmarket

-  Chessels' Court, Canongate

Contents of Part  XVII

-  Whitehouse Close, Canongate

-  Canongate Tolbooth

-  John Knox House, Netherbow

Contents of Part  XVIII

-  Advocate's Close, High Street

-  Lady Stair's Close, Lawnmarket

-  Old Bow Head, Lawnmarket

-  Title-Page and Contents of Second Series


'Old Houses in Edinburgh'

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   Old Houses in Edinburgh  -  Drawing by Bruce J Home  -  Lady Stair's Close


   Old Houses in Edinburgh  -  Drawing by Bruce J Home  -  Lady Stair's Close


Old Houses in Edinburgh  -  Drawing by Bruce J Home  -  Lady Stair's Close