Billy Wilson
a pupil at Wardie School

and Santa


Billy Wilson and Santa

Bill Wilson, pupil at Wardie Primary School, photographed with Santa in 1954

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Recollections by Phil Wilson

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Thank you to Phil Wilson, for sending this photo.  Phil wrote:


"Here is my brother Billy Wilson, aged 7, with a rather crafty-looking Santa in his tartan outfit at Christmas 1954.

My brother wearing Wardie Primary School uniform, but without the tie (as usual).  Either  Santa went to the school (unlikely), or perhaps it was taken on a special school trip, or in one of the stores.

Is that 7/6d he's holding up?  If my brother actually got it (which I suppose he ought to have), that would have been a nice little prezzie in those days.

Billy Wilson was known as Bill Wilson after he left school.  He died in 1994"

Phil Wilson,  January 16, 2007



North Edinburgh

Cramond - Granton - Royston - Trinity -  Wardie


Granton:  transport map 1932

Granton:  small map 1870

Granton:  large map 1870


Cramond:                        from 1940s

Cramond Island:              1970s

Granton:                           1930s   1940s   1950s   1970s

Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  1940s   1950s - 60s   Shops

Lower Granton Road        all dates

Muirhouse                         from 1930s

Pilton:                               1940 bomb

Royston:                            from 1930s

Wardie School:                 1930s    1940s   1950s

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Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  from 1544


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