Edinburgh's Transport

Lothian Buses

Restored bus at Ocean Terminal


Lothian Region Transport  -  bus No 101, restored, at Ocean Terminal

 Miles Cumming, Edinburgh


Restored Buses

In the 1990s and early 2000s, a number of former Lothian Region Transport buses operated on the streets of Edinburgh, for one day during each summer, known as the 'Edinburgh Classic Bus Running Day'.

I believe that the photo above would have been taken on one of these days, possibly in 2004.

Bus No 101, above, was the only 3-door bus ever to operate in Edinburgh.  A conductor stood beside his table beside the rear entry and collected fares.

Here is a photograph of another bus taken on the same day:

Lothian Region Transport  -  bus No 900, restored, turning from Queensferry Road into Orchard Brae