Edinburgh Corporation Buses

Shrubhill Works

Shrubhill Works  -  1960s?

Edinburgh Buses  -  Shrubhill Works, possibly in the 1960s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Adrian H Dodsley, Oakerthorpe, Derbyshire, who supplied this photo to me.


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   Edinburgh Buses  -  Shrubhill Works, possibly in the 1960s


Shrubhill Works

Possibly in the 1960s?

I believe that this photograph was probably taken in Shrubhill Works.  The radiators have been removed from the two nearest vehicles, so they may be undergoing rather more extensive work than would be done in a bus depot.

The buses also appear to be spread out rather more widely than might be expected in a depot.

The nearest two buses in this picture were acquired new by Edinburgh Corporation Transport in 1956.  They were part of a batch of 100 buses bought to replace the trams.


Can you confirm that this is Shrubhill Works?   Do you know when this photograph might have been taken?  Please e-mail me if you can help.

Thank you.                 - Peter Stubbs:  August 23, 2007


Thank you to George Geddes, Leith, Edinburgh who replied, sending me a recent photo of Shrubhill Works, showing the same metal pillars and roof structure.

George wrote:

"The photo at the top of this page is definitely the main tram shed of Shrubhill Works.  The shed was built in the 1890s with the steam engine house and boiler house for the new cable tram network.

The building is in the process of demolition as part of the new Shrubhill development which will see the retention of the 1898 engine house and an 1898 work shed.

LFS404 was a Leyland PD2/20, new in 1955 and withdrawn 1973-75.

 George Geddes, Leith, Edinburgh:  January 11, 2008