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Gyle Centre

Eastern terminus of Route 2

Gyle Centre  terminus

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Gyle Centre  -  Route 2

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                   Photograph taken May 29, 2007


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Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Gyle Centre-  Route 2


Gyle Centre  -  Route 2

The Terminus

The Gyle Centre is a shopping centre close to the Edinburgh-Glasgow road and the Edinburgh bypass, about 5 miles west of the centre of Edinburgh.  It was built on a 50 acre site and opened in 1993.

The Routes

Lothian Buses routes 2,12,18, 21 and 22 all terminate at Gyle Centre and 24 and 35 pass through the Gyle Centre.

Here a bus on route 2 waits at the Gyle Centre terminus.  Route 2 runs from Gyle Centre via:

-  the 'FastLink' guided busway at Broomhouse and

-  the Grassmarket in the centre of Edinburgh

 to Asda Supermarket at The Jewel in the east of the city.

The 'G' after the fleet number on this bus indicates that this is one of the buses that has been fitted with the small additional wheels that are needed to follow the guided busway.

An aerial can also be seen above the destination blind at the front of the bus.  (This is seen better on the enlarged view.) 

The aerial is used to transmit the position of the bus to the system that displays real-time Bus Tracker information on signs at bus stops.   Details can also be seen on the Lothian Buses' My Bus Tracker web site.

The Bus

This bus is still painted in the original harlequin livery used for Lothian Buses' low-floor buses, with the very small diamonds becoming gradually larger, but now partly hidden by the advert on the side of the bus.

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