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Town Centre

Southern terminus of Route 15/15A

Penicuik Terminus  -  Town Centre

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Penicuik Town Centre -  Route 15

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                     Photograph taken April 24, 2009


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   Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Penicuik Town Centre -  Route 15


Penicuik Town Centre

Change of Terminus

In 2007, the Penicuik Town Centre terminus for routes 15/15A was a small bus lay-by across the road from Somerfield's Supermarket at St Kentigern Way, on the left-hand side of the main road heading to the south through Penicuik.

Now this has become part of a construction site, so the terminus has moved a few yards nearer to Edinburgh, to the position shown in the photo above.

Buses on routes 15/15A arriving in Penicuik set down passengers at the most distant of the two bus stops on the right-hand side of the picture.  They then turn at  a roundabout and stop at the bus stance just visible at the extreme left of this picture, before departing for Eastfield via the centre of Edinburgh.

Zebra Crossing

This scene is almost deserted, apart from the worker in the hard hat who is painting one of the Belisha beacon poles black and white.  He finished painting the pole and started on the all-black pole closest to the camera before the next bus on route 15/15A arrived at the bus stop.

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