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Eastern terminus of Route 26

Eastfield terminus  -  Musselburgh Road

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  - Eastfield  -  Route 26

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                      Photograph taken August 8, 2007

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   Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Eastfield  -  Route 26


Seton Sands Terminus  -  Route 26

The Terminus

In the early 1970s, Eastfield was the terminus of routes 26 and 44.  Now both routes have been considerably extended:

-  Route 26 to Seton Sands and to Tranent.

-  Route 44 to Wallyford and Pencaitland.

Routes 26 and 44  -  Terminus  -  possibly at Eastfield, Joppa

When I first added the small photo above to the web site, I asked:

'Where and when was this photo taken?'

Several people responded, and some commented on the Coillesdene House high flats in the background behind the two buses on the small photograph above, which turns out to have been taken around the early 1970s.

These same flats can also  be seen behind the bus in the photograph at the top  of this page, taken in August 2007.

The View

This view looks to the west along the Firth of Forth, towards Portobello and Edinburgh with the sun setting over the Firth of Forth.

The photo was taken at 8.35pm on August 8, 2008.

The Bus

The bus  is in the livery of route 26.  This includes a map of the whole of route 26 on the backs of the buses.

  Route 26 bus in Princes Street  -  November 2005

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