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SE terminus of Route 31


Bonnyrigg terminus  -  Cockpen Road

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Bonnyrigg (Cockpen)  -  Route 31

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                             Photograph taken September 13, 2007


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   Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Bonnyrigg (Cockpen)  -  Route 31


Bonnyrigg (Cockpen) Terminus

Here a bus on Route 31 stands at its isolated terminus at Cockpen Road, about 3/4 mile SE of the centre of Bonnyrigg.

The bus terminus is on the 'old' Cockpen Road.  The new road can be seen at the right-hand side of this picture.

The terminus moved around the corner closer to the new housing being built at Hopefield on September 30, 2007 -  about two weeks after this photo was taken.

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