Lothian Buses

Ocean Terminal

Northern terminus of Route 34

Ocean Terminal terminus  -  Western Harbour, Leith Docks

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  - Ocean Terminal  -  Route 34

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                       Photograph taken April 21, 2011

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  Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Ocean Terminal  -  Route 34


Ocean Terminal terminus  -  Route 34

Two Buses

The bus in front, here, appears to have broken down, and is not going anywhere for the moment.  The bus behind is moving forward to start its journey to Riccarton.


The Funfair returned to the land to the east of Ocean Terminal for Easter 2011.  The Giant Wheel can be seen, almost constructed, in the background of this photo.  The funfair opened the day after this photo was taken.

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