Edinburgh Corporation Buses

Shrubhill Works

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Two Edinburgh single decker buses.  Where and when was this poto taken?

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Adrian H Dodsley, Oakerthorpe, Derbyshire, who supplied this photo to me.


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  Two Edinburgh single decker buses.  Where and when was this poto taken? ©


Where and When?


Where and when might this photo have  been taken.

The leading bus is a Daimler CVG5, one of ten, new in 1948.

The vehicle behind is a Guy Arab 5LW, one of ten, new in 1948.

These buses both remained in service until 1959-61.  They look to be in good condition, possibly new, in the photograph above.  The photo may well have been taken in the 1950s, or possibly as early as 1948.

If you know when or where this photo may have been taken, please email me.

               Thank you.

- Peter Stubbs:  August 23, 2007


Answer 1

Thank you to Duncan MacAuslan who wrote::


"The photo must have been taken after 5 December 1954 as thatís when route 46 was introduced.   ['The Corporation Years' p. 83.]


"As to the location; there appears to be a single covered up tram track beside the buses. It could be somewhere in Shrubhill, the entrance to Tollcross or Gorgie depots. Iím thinking Portobello.

We just need to keep looking at photos until we see the buildings!"

Duncan MacAuslan, Sydney, Australia
(ex-Edinburgh resident as a child and transport enthusiast as an adult!)


Answer 2

Thank you to John J Hadden, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Where Now?

"I thought I would mention that the left bus is at the Scottish Vintage Bus museum."

John J Hadden, Edinburgh:  November 30, 2007


Answer 3

Thank you to Helen Skedd who wrote:


"I think this location is Leith bus garage."

Helen Skedd:  March 20, 2008


Answer 4

Thank you to Scott Birrell, who lived in Edinburgh from 1950 to 1968 and now lives in Fall City, Washington, USA, for sending the reply below.

Scott wrote:

"I think I can identify the location this photo of the Daimler and Guy Arab single decker vehicles of Edinburgh Corporation.

Two Edinburgh single decker buses.  Where and when was this poto taken? ©

Photo at Shrubhill

The picture shows the leading two vehicles in a line-up of the 15 types of bus in service at the time of the Omnibus Society's Presidential Weekend in Scotland, which included a visit to Edinburgh on June 3rd, 1961.  Over one hundred Society Members were the guests that day of Mr. W. M. Little, then Transport Manager for Edinburgh Corporation Transport.

The line-up of vehicles is at Shrubhill works, in the lane that led from the Works to Leith Walk.  The picture is taken from almost exactly the same location as a picture taken by Ian MacLean which appears in the 'Buses Illustrated' magazine, together with an article, on pp 278/9 of the August 1961 issue.

Scott Birrell, Fall City, near Seattle, Washington (near Seattle):  July 3, 2008


Answer 5

Thank you to John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, who wrote:

Depot at Tollcross

"As a bus driver in the late 1950s, I often drove the buses on services 45 and 46 to and from Portobello and Juniper Green.

Two Edinburgh single decker buses.  Where and when was this poto taken? ©

These buses were garaged in Tollcross depot in Thornybauk near the New Cavendish dance hall.

Photo at Shrubhill

However, after reading Scott Birrell's comments (4 above) I realise that this photo was in fact taken at Shrubhill, rather than outside their depot at Tollcross.

John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:  May 10, 2009