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Granton Road Station

Near Granton Road Station  -  1962 Railtour

Railtour near Granton Road Station - 1962

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alistair MacBeath, Granton, Edinburgh                                                 Photographer not known


Near Granton Road Station

Thank you to Alistair MacBeath, Granton, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of a train on the Caledonian line near Granton Road station.

The train appears to be heading west, having just passed through Granton Road Station.  The roof of the station building can be seen on the eastern side of Granton road at the top of this photo.

The building in the top left corner of this photo is part of a row of shops that now includes an ice cream shop.

Alistair wrote:

The Photo

"This privately-taken photo that I purchased recently is one of my favourite pictures.  There is no photographer identified.

The sign above the buffer on the left-hand side of the photo reads: 'J36 Rail Tour'.

This is the caption on the photo:"

Ex-LNER J36 0-6-0, NO 65345

staging a Run-Past at Granton Road

on the Railway Society of Scotland

J36 Rail Tour,  27 August 1962"

Alistair added:

"I doubt people would be allowed to get so close to a passing engine these days!"

Alistair MacBeath:  February 16+17, 2010

The Photographer

If you know who might have taken this photo, or if you recognise any of the men beside the track in this photo, please email me.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 18, 2010


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