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Granton Road Station

Near Granton Road Station  -  1962 Railtour

Railtour near Granton Road Station - 1962

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alistair MacBeath, Granton, Edinburgh                                                 Photographer not known


Near Granton Road Station

Thank you to Alistair MacBeath, Granton, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of a train on the Caledonian line near Granton Road station.

Alistair wrote:

The Photo

"Here is a photo taken from a 35mm slide that I recently bought on eBay.  It came from a private collection.  The photographer is not known.   On the slide was written:

 'Caley CL 3F On Railtour at Granton Road  -  1962'.

Looking at the rolling stock there seem to be at least three different carriage types. It's rather intriguing. I wonder what the 'tour' was about."

Alistair MacBeath:  February 3, 2010

The Railtour

If  you know anything about this Railtour, please email me then I'll add the details to this page and send a message to Alistair MacBeath to let him know.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  February 26, 2010




Douglas Beath

Tasmania, Australia

Thank you to Douglas Beath who wrote:


"I was on many railtours during 1958-63.  In Scotland, most were organised by the Stephenson Locomotive Society or the Branch Line Society, and drew participants from nationwide.

The tour in the photograph above may have been this one for which the ticket declares: ***

 "2nd class   DAY EXCURSION

25th Aug 1962



Tour over closed lines in Edinburgh Area"

'Closed'  meant closed to regular passenger trains."

Douglas Beath, Tasmania, Australia:  February 28, 2010

***  No.  In fact it was a different tour..  See below


Update to


Douglas Beath

Tasmania, Australia

After reading 'Recollections 2' below,  Douglas Beath wrote:

"I was so wrong in my 'answer above.

My assumption that the photograph near Granton Road Station related to the ' Waverley to Waverley via Edinburgh area' ticket was unwarranted.

The number of railtours, as seen on the  Six Bells Junction website, is quite breathtaking."

Douglas Beath, Tasmania, Australia:  March 5, 2010




Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Thank you to Alan Grieve who wrote, giving me a link to a useful web site, Six Bells Junction.  This site gives details of many rail excursions in Britain from 1887 to date (including the rail excursions in Scotland in 1962).

It shows that the excursion on 25 August 1962 visited Leith but not Granton Road Station.

However there was an excursion a few months earlier, on 3 February 1962 that did pass through Granton Road Station.

'Farewell to Peebles'

"I reckon that the tour you are looking for was probably the Stephenson Locomotive Society (Scottish Area) Railtour titled  'Farewell to Peebles - A Pleasant Railway Byway'.

The tour took place on 3 February 1962.  Details of this tour can be found on the Six Bells Junction* web site.  This tour was booked for a class J37 0-6-0, plus possible class 3F ex-CR 0-6-0 on the Leith North branch."

 *  Alan advises:  On the Six Bells Junction web site, click on 'The Railtour files', second item on the left hand side, then click on 1962 which will bring up a list of railtours in 1962. Fifth from the bottom is 3 February 1962.


3 February 1962

Edinburgh Princes Street, Dalry Jn, Coltbridge Jn, Murrayfield, Craigleith, Crew Jn, East Pilton Halt, Granton Road, Newhaven, Leith North

Leith North, Newhaven, Granton Road, East Pilton Halt, Crew Jn, Craigleith, Murrayfield  (2

Craiglockhart Jn, Morningside Road,  Duddingston Jn, Niddrie West Jn, Niddrie South Jn, Millerhill, Glenesk Jn, Hardengreen Jn,  Rosslynlee, Leadburn, Eddleston, Peebles,  Cardrona, Innerleithen, Kilnknowe Jn, Galashiels

Galashiels, Kilnknowe Jn, Stow, Fountainhall Junction, Heriot, Hardengreen Jn, Glenesk Jn, Millerhill, Niddrie North Jn, Portobello West Jn,  Piershill Jn*, Edinburgh Waverley

(1)  Route confirmation required.  The above is extrapolated from the limited booked timings supplied.

(2)  At least one reversal appears required somewhere between Murrayfield & Morningside Road (Slateford?).

There were a few '?????'s in the above list.  I don't know what they indicated, so I have omitted them.





Edinburgh Princes Street


Granton Road

13.05a ~ 13.10d

Leith North

13.15a ~ 13.53d


14.04 ~ 14.09

Morningside Road

14.34 ~ 14.59


15.27 ~ 15.32

Rosslynlee Hospital Halt

15.35 ~ 15.40

Pomathorn Halt

15.45 ~ 15.50


15.56 ~ 16.01


16.09 ~ 16.14


16.20a ~ 16.48d


16.54 ~ 16.59


17.04 ~ 17.09


17.29a ~ 18.20d

Edinburgh Waverley



Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  February 28, 2010

Details taken from  Six Bells Junction web site.  Source: John Debens


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