Leith Docks

A coal train beside

Edinburgh Dock

March 2007

A freight train of wagons now loaded with imported coal stands beside Imperial Dock, Leith, about to depart, possibly for a power statioon

 Copyright:  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                   Photo taken 6 March 2007 at 4.09pm


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    George IV Bridge -cycles attached to the railings over Merchant Street


Coal train beside Edinburgh Dock

This train in the photograph above, taken in March 2007, has been loaded with coal, and is about to depart from Leith Docks.  The locomotive is no. 66163.

Here is a photo of a coal train in a similar position in Leith Docks in October 2005,  shortly after I first noticed that the coal trains had begun to operate from Leith Docks.

A freight train of empty coal wagons reverses into Leith Docks to piick up imported coal for delivery to power stations

I was told in January 2006 that the coal has been imported from Russia and much of it was being delivered to power stations.  I don't know whether or not that is still the case.