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Trinity Bridge

Between Newhaven and Granton Square


A tram passes under Trinity Bridge, heading to the west.

  A tram passes under Trinity Bridge in the 1950s.

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Roy Marshall.  This photo is from my own collection.         Photographer Robert F Mack, Leeds


Trinity Bridge


Here a tram passes under Trinity Bridge.  The tram is travelling through the picture from left to right, leaving Trinity Crescent and entering Lower Granton Road leading to Granton Square, about 3/4 mile further west.

The tram is presumably on a 'Churchhill and Granton Circle' route.  The destination blind on the back of the tram reads 'Churchhill'.  The two tram tracks on this route reduce to a single track to pass under the bridge.


The road up the hill in the background with two cars is Trinity Road. The cars in the background look to me to be models from the 1950, possibly an Austin A40 and an Armstrong Siddeley or similar, so the photo was probably taken in the early- or mid-1950s.  (Trams stopped running in Edinburgh in 1956.)


There are railway adverts under the bridge, and a large advert for Players' cigarettes ('Players Please').  The advert on the side of the tram is for Tide soap powder ('Tide Washes Cleanest').


The railway from Waverley station to Granton Harbour used to pass over this bridge, then along an embankment, to Granton Harbour.  The railway bridge and embankment have now been removed, but the double bend in the road remains, carrying single file traffic, controlled by traffic lights.

There are now (in 2009) plans to realign the road here, removing the double bend.


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