Engraving from Modern Athens - published 1829

South Bridge  -  from the Cowgate

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  South Bridge from the Cowgate

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Drawn by Thomas H Shepherd

Engraved by W Watkins



South Bridge  -  from the Cowgate

South Bridge

South Bridge passes between tall buildings as it approaches Edinburgh from the south.  It carries the road at a high level towards the Tron Church in the High Street. 

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  The Tron Kirk in the Royal Mile

The bridge consists of nineteen arches of different sizes.  Most of the arches (but not the one over Cowgate in the engraving above) are hidden from view. 

It was at the bridge in the large engraving above that the fire took hold, destroying the Gilded Balloon and other buildings in December 2002

The Cowgate

The Cowgate lies in the valley immediately to the south of the Royal Mile.  It runs almost parallel to the Royal Mile, from the Grassmarket  to Queen's Park at Holyrood.

North Bridge provides a route into Edinburgh from the South.  The bridge has nineteen arches, but the only one exposed to view is the crossing of the Cowgate.  High buildings have been constructed next to the bridge for the remainder of its length.

This is one of two engravings featuring Cowgate in Modern Athens.  The other shows Cowgate, further east, as it approaches Holyrood.

 Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  Cowgate looking east

Old Town Fire

December 2002

It was at this bridge (immediately past the bridge on the left hand side of the road in this view) that the Old Town fire took hold in December 2002, destroying the Gilded Balloon theatre and a number of other buildings.



Engravings from Modern Athens  -  Published 1829

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