Modern Athens

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The Title Page from the book Modern Athens - published in 1829

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Modern Athens  was published with the engravings black and white (as above). 

Many of the engravings have since been coloured, and sold as individual views, mounted
on board and framed. 
This site includes examples of engravings, both coloured and uncoloured.


Modern Athens  -  Title Page

The engraving at the foot of this title page, drawn by Thos. H Shepherd and engraved by W Wallis, is of the Grassmarket in the old town of Edinburgh, with Edinburgh Castle on the hill behind.

The very small print at the foot of the title page reads:


Published by Jones & Co Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square  Jany. 1829.

Many copies Modern Athens have been broken, and the engravings removed to be sold.  Usually they have first been hand-coloured, then mounted on card and sometimes framed.

The original engravings in the book were black and white.  On this web site, I have left the colours as they were produced by the scanner, because I found these to be attractive.


Engravings from Modern Athens  -  Published 1829

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