Engraving from Old & New Edinburgh - published 1890

Queen Mary's
Bath House


Queen Mary's Bath House

View from the road - from Abbeyhill

Engraving from "Old & New Edinburgh"  -  Queen Mary's Bath House

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Queen Mary's Bath House


This building stands alone in grounds attached to the Palace of Holyrood, close to the Palace Gates.

Its location was described in Old & New Edinburgh, published 1890, as:

"To the north-eastward of the tennis court".

A house was built adjoining Queen Mary's Bath House in 1789, and demolished in 1852.  Following the demolition, Queen Mary's Bath House was repaired and its surroundings, to some extent, restored.


This is a two storey rubble building dates from the late-16th century.  It was originally built possibly as a garden or tennis pavilion.

It is described in Old & New Edinburgh, published 1890 as

"a corbelled tower called Queen Mary's Bath"

The book adds:

"Tradition of it having been the Queen's bath is of considerable antiquity"

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Edinburgh - An Illustrated Architectural Guide [Charles McKean]
Old & New Edinburgh,  Cassell & CO,  1890:  Vol 2, p.41